The name Hino has made a mark in the business world as a top class high performing vehicle used for carrying goods. The COE model trucks were designed so perfectly that it catered to the safety as well as comfort of the driver.  The new launch of Hino truck model 195h Diesel Electric Hybrid with cab over engine is a great revolution in the history of trucks. This model would be launched in the US. This very truck would be powered with a hybrid refined turbo diesel electric power train. This truck... view

Many people are now switching to hybrid or electric cars in order to reduce the carbon footprints on the planet and to make the world a safer and greener place. With the increasing number of gasoline and diesel vehicles plying on the roads of the world, there has been a huge amount of poisonous gases that have been expelled into the air.  This is taking its toll on the planet and more and more of its natural resources are getting fast depleted. So, the Governments of most of the nations in the world... view

Why do we have to focus on the use of hybrid trucks instead of the other types of vehicles out there? In today’s time where delivery of goods is heavily done, having no trucks to deliver them can greatly paralyze the global industry. Trucks are known to be greedy eaters of fuels and today’s transportation industry is so vast. As of today, the world is very much concerned about the environment. In fact, it pays more respect to potentially exploited things these days and hybrid trucks simply share... view

Volvo’s Mean Green, being helmed as the current holder of the record as the world’s fastest hybrid truck is going for a new world speed record by overtaking current speeds and reaching beyond 165 MPH at the Wendover Airfield in Utah. Mean Green currently holds the fastest speed record by any hybrid truck at a standing 1/3 mile, 2.3 mile and flying mile international speed records. On the one third mile, the trucks will begin from a standstill and go through a thousand meter course in a single... view

Everyone wants to own a functional vehicle.  Trucks are usually a good choice because it can be used for heavy duty work and at the same time, it can be adjusted to fit into a formal affair. The problem with trucks is that at most times, people see it as a gas guzzler. It is popularly known to eat up a lot of gas and in this day of increasing fuel prices, that is never a good thing. A lot of car manufacturers have risen to the challenge and they are now producing hybrid trucks. The newly released... view

Odyne, in attracting fleet owners to shift brands and models has posted a 3-minute video featuring Odyne’s latest generation of hybrid system of medium and heavy-duty trucks. With this video, Odyne is set to inform fleet owners and truck drivers how its latest can be a good replacement for their old fleet and how it can be the best alternative buy for new fleet of heavy-duty workhorse.  Odyne has been a pioneer in hybrid system for trucks of medium and heavy-duty category and has been working... view

The technology for hydraulic hybrid trucks is forging ahead in specific front series in account to its commercial success in the creation of parcel delivery trucks and garbage trucks.  As of now, the focus has been mainly attributed to the daily performance of these heavier cars wherein the high-powered fluid technology shines as the best. In account to this, laying all the groundwork to shift the technology to lighter types of vehicles has been made possible. In the present year, there is big news... view

General Motors is the major manufacturer of hybrid trucks. Starting in 2008 with the GMC Sierra and the Chevrolet Silverado, General Motors have offered other hybrid truck variants in its other sports utilities and truck models including the Cadillac Escalade, the GMC Yukon, and the Chevrolet Tahoe. If you are on the lookout for hybrid trucks, you have to keep in mind that although your objective is to save money on fuel consumption, the prices of these vehicles are amazingly high compared to a gasoline-powered... view

Via motor is now taking on a new technology that would make converting traditional trucks into hybrid electric trucks in greater dimension and will start converting vehicles made from other automakers early this year. Via Motors will initially start from GM vehicles with the likes of Silverado and Tahoe and will be targeting corporate consumers and individuals using utility trucks. However, sales would be start early 2013 as the hybrid trucks will be expected to go in full blast sales. Via Motors... view

Though pickup trucks are rarely concern, do you still ponder about your hot wheel trucks during your preschool years? If big toys are your favorite mainstream drag racing, check out these reputable pickup trucks that haul for economy fuel and car-like ride. Forge in the new generation of modest towing and expect aggressive versatility and efficiency vehicle – Hybrid pickup trucks!  When pickup trucks are brought in as a vehicle for automobile driving, critics proclaim that it assumes a typical... view