Odyne, in attracting fleet owners to shift brands and models has posted a 3-minute video featuring Odyne’s latest generation of hybrid system of medium and heavy-duty trucks. With this video, Odyne is set to inform fleet owners and truck drivers how its latest can be a good replacement for their old fleet and how it can be the best alternative buy for new fleet of heavy-duty workhorse. 

Odyne has been a pioneer in hybrid system for trucks of medium and heavy-duty category and has been working hard to produce hybrid system that will reduce operating cost and will compliment to the environment issues. Odyne”s Matt Jarmuz acting as its Sales Director has disclosed the new system is far more powerful than the previous Odyne system. It is lighter and smaller but powerful enough to answer the demands of work trucks applications. He described the system as having numerous scaled truck equipment that is designed to reduce up to fifty percent of fuel consumption, with little or less emission and more quiet workhorse during operation.

Odyne’s new hybrid power system has Remy’s HVH250 electric motor for more power-packed density and efficiency. It has Johnson Controls respected battery technology using lithium-ion while Launch assist gives powerful acceleration as well as for turning and uphill driving. It has regenerative braking for its recharging and braking in drive cycles making the truck robust for another extended load of works. The system provides the heating and air conditioning while the truck is off from work. Class 6, and 7 as well as class 8 trucks can be retrofitted with the system units.

Odyne is optimistic that fleet owners who will see the video will have to think about making changes for their fleet. With its reputation as a leader in the industry of hybrid drive system for trucks, it can bring their avid believers into purchasing trucks with these new hybrid drive system. The new system is a new generation of Odyne’s system that will serve as the answer to the hybrid challenge facing the truck industry known as the best hybrid power solution for medium and heavy-duty trucks.

Odyne has been in partnership with industry leaders like Remy International and Johnson Control Solutions to come up with products that will provide the needs and calls of fleet owners and also for private truck owners. For years, Odyne has never fail their consumers and always come up with technologies to the betterment of the robust workhorse on the road and those on the work sites.