When Allan Mulally assumed the office as Ford’s CEO, he was faced with a challenge of underperforming brands such as Jaguar, Volvo, Land Rover and Mercury but instead of fixing them, he let them go and bent his eyes to his One Ford strategy and come out as a winner. He’s doing the same strategy with electric vehicles and outs to prove he can do it again. He is playing with Ford’s strength and sway away from the pack. Ford  Focus  and Fortune 500 and were up away from creating... view

Green was said to be in the air, Chrysler Group in partnership with the DOE (Department of Energy) had delivered ten PHEV (Plug in Hybrid Electric Vehicle) truck in demonstration to the DTE Energy in Detroit. Video: Ram Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicle Abdullah Bazzi, the senior manager of Chrysler group, delivered a series of PHEV 1500 pickups as part of their hybrid mechanism project and in part of the national demonstration of a hundred forty vehicles. The demonstration is part of the plan of using... view

Truck News: Mercedes Benz Unimog-5000 Climbs to Volcanoes and Mountain Tops.  Unimog is known in the Mercedes Benz Company as Universal Motor Great. This is translated from the German language to English as Universal Motor Device.  Therefore, when everyone hears of a Unimog, they would easily recognize it as something from Mercedes Benz and it’s a form of truck automobile, which is definitely one of the strongest prides of the Mercedes Benz Motor Company today. Universal Motor Device is a special... view

A short airport encounter between the two top heads of Ford Motors Co. and Toyota Motors Corp. resulted on joint ventures to develop a gas-electric hybrid engines for trucks and SUV’s. The deal is welcome news for all of those who have been pushing demands for hybrid trucks and sports utility vehicles. The two top executives have signed an agreement that will have the two automobiles giants to share the development costs in bringing the most affordable and technology laden hybrid trucks and... view

Stay updated with the latest truck news and trends in our modern world today. Get a glimpse of the recent product releases, events and more truck-related announcements that are brewing up this year. One of the most anticipated events this year is the 5600 mile Dakar Rally 2012 that will take place in the challenging terrain of Peru and Argentina.  The modified Mini Countryman that was built by a German tuning company called the X-raid will definitely break the record in the coming event. It has... view

The hybrid species of truck had broken its boundary and made its legacy as the famous global economic pride recession opens the sales of heavy duty truck and medium duty trucks in varieties of region. Together with the sales event, statisticians found a rise in oil prices, which were recorded heights in a lot of countries. Because of certain developments, world economy was expected to improve that will carry out the rise of truck sales this year of the dragon. The dramatic rise of economy together... view