Nissan has been offering many great models that have gained popularity all over the world. Nissan Readies ZEOD RC The company is known for providing some of the amazing featured cars with great specifications at a great value. Looking at its progress, now the company has come up with a new idea of Zero Emission racing car which will soon be launching by the end of the year 2014. The company has however claimed to launch the car soon after the test drive on it gets successful.
Features not to Miss
Twin electric motors
DeltaWing-shaped car’s carbon-fiber tub
Better Mileage
Easy to drive wheels
Comfortable seats
Amazing music player
Nissan ReadiesSurprise deal that Nissans ZEOD RC’s Car would offer
The add-on advantage of this car is that it offers the zero emission services. However, research is still going on but looking at the quick progress which the model has been showing up, it is expected to release the car in United Kingdom by this September. However, there are different parts of the engines which still needs to examined and replaced with some better options. For more information about this car along with the design which is expected to be launching by next year, you can also look at the video or refer to some of the press release offer by the Nissan on how the ZEOD RC’s build process work has been going on.
Nissans invention so far have been the best in the market and soon it is expected that this electronic racer car would be a competition to most of the other brands that are in the market that too at a cost friendly value. With amazing style and great features, Nissan is expected to get this car launched all over the world by end of the next year.