You must have seen many wonders in the world so far due to the vast improvement in technology and science. One such great wonder that is being into invention rather it is already invented but yet to come in the market is auto pilot facility, thanks to the Elon Musk invention, the inventor of the car now claims to promote the new auto pilot car soon. elton There are many advantages and drawbacks associated with this type of car. It helps you avoid accidents and get you on right track. Let us know more about this car.
The News in demand
These days, autopilots are said to be one of the sophisticated systems that is ever launched in the market. With the use of technologies, it has made the system smoother, Efficient and safe. However, now the Tesla Motors’ CEO has released the news’s that soon the Elon Musk car would come with the car with the availability of operating on “auto-pilot” and is expected to be released in the next three to five years. As per the CEO of Elon Musk, to make the car more advanced and efficient, the car would be re-invented along with some of the advanced features.
To make this car a huge success, the team of musk has also joined other teams like GM, Goggle, Daimler and Nissan who are considered as the large developers to gather and develop a 90-percent of auto control based car. To design this driverless car, is a biggest challenge as none other car has been invented with such specs before. Besides, country like Nevada has already issued the car a state driver’s license.
The purpose behind this Invention
To make it efficient
To reduce the risk of accidents
To make the life more comfortable
To control the traffic
This technology would be one of the reliable one that would be ever designed. However, the change for such cars would be to ensure that they maintain a clean and a better accident-free record as compared to the humans.