Well this one is certainly not good news for Tesla for the fact that the inspite of wining so many recognitions and awards, the tesla car a Model S got into a big trouble and caught fire. The scene was quite shocking for the fact that car was all set with hot flames coming up. Thankfully nobody got hurt but certainly it grabbed the media attention in quite large way.
About the company
This California based company is known for manufacturing and selling mostly centric performing car. It has also been into trading with NASDAQ stock exchange and become more popular after launching its one of the best invention called the Tesla Roadster which was one of the fully electric sports cars.
About Model S
85 kWh lithium-ion battery
Fuel economy car
Entry-level model
Won different awards which included World Green Car of the Year, Automobile Magazine’s car Motor Trend Car of the Year and many more between 2012 and 2013 year.
About the Incident
This incident took place in Washington where the model S batter got spoil due to which the driver had to forcefully take it to a concert wall and try to destroy it. But the sad art is it got set the fire. The similar incident took place in Mexico as well. Now the target of this car was Tennessee this time. The scene happened in the afternoon. Though t6eh fire was not so high as compared to previous incidents but certainly it might have broken the heart of thousands of Telsa fan as the Model S seems to be performing in such a risky way. The main reason behind it is still to be found out in which some members say the reason could be high voltage while for few people it is still the battery problem.
Looking at such a worst condition which the company has been facing up, the team has all geared up to work on it and get the root cause out soon. It is not a big deal that the car caught fire as there are thousands of such cars which catches fire. But the hard fact is, after this dramatic incident it seems that reputation of Telsa has gone pretty down, which I not a good news for them for sure.