The name Hino has made a mark in the business world as a top class high performing vehicle used for carrying goods. The COE model trucks were designed so perfectly that it catered to the safety as well as comfort of the driver. Hino Hybrid777
The new launch of Hino truck model 195h Diesel Electric Hybrid with cab over engine is a great revolution in the history of trucks. This model would be launched in the US. This very truck would be powered with a hybrid refined turbo diesel electric power train.
This truck has a pulling power of 210 horse power and 440 lbs/ft torque. This truck is designed for the roads of the United States. It is built with the technology that has been evolved from the six generations. Hino has proved itself as a leading truck manufacturing company by developing such a model. With 10,000 vehicles on the road all round the globe, Hino has proved as a leader in the world of trucks. Diesel-Electric Hybrid Truck
The truck can run 20,000 miles a year. The vehicle will consume 1,667 gallons of fuel all through the year. In short, this extremely less fuel consuming truck will definitely conquer the roads with more vigor. If your company wants a truck which is used to carry the goods to many directions, choosing Hino Diesel Electric Hybrid Trucks can help you a lot. There is an additional space for 3 people behind the driver’s seat. In short, 4 people apart from the driver can comfortably travel in the truck with the load. The truck is already equipped with necessary automotive accessories so indispensable these days.
Loading and unloading goods is perfectly easy as the truck is designed to make these processes stress-free. Height of the vehicle is very low so that things can be loaded and unloaded quite easily. It is the perfect vehicle for industrial purposes. Hence there is no doubt that this model would gain popularity among businesses.