Honda has finally come up with the pricing of its 2014 Accord Plug In Hybrid.  The car which is now one sale in New York and California is expected to start at a price of $40570 including destination charges which makes it much more expensive that competitors such as Chevrolet, Toyota and Ford. The hybrid also costs about $6150 more than the Accord Touring which begins at a price of $34420. However, despite this increased price, the company states that the Accord Hybrid boasts of a much better MPGe... view

Many people are now switching to hybrid or electric cars in order to reduce the carbon footprints on the planet and to make the world a safer and greener place. With the increasing number of gasoline and diesel vehicles plying on the roads of the world, there has been a huge amount of poisonous gases that have been expelled into the air.  This is taking its toll on the planet and more and more of its natural resources are getting fast depleted. So, the Governments of most of the nations in the world... view

Amazing Height The C Max offers great height which provides easy entry and exit from the car and also allows for ample of headroom. The front seats have also been made a lot more comfortable. However, the sitting on the rear seats still feels like sitting on a wooden bench. The greater height also results in more capacity for storing cargo. The interiors are also very airy and have lots of light and outside visibility. The standard list of features includes power windows, power mirrors, power locks,... view