It’s not uncommon to see the streets of Eastern Asia paved with motor bikes, scooters and trikes. Most of these vehicles run on petrol providing the population with a convenient means of transportation for their day to day tasks. Never the less, recent trends have shown that things are changing. People still prefer two-wheeled vehicles but things have taken an eco-friendly change for the better. The Philippines, home to millions of small-displacement vehicles, has suddenly seen a boom in the... view

When it comes to the sports cars Acura is a very popular name. It has impressed the car race lovers with new and innovative models every now and then. The people who love to race on the road will surely want to grab a car of this company. Some important facts about the car The racing car manufacturer will be showcasing the hybrid NSX in the race that is going to take place in Mid-Ohio. In July this year the company released a picture of this hybrid racing car. They also announced that the car will... view