Everyone wants to own a functional vehicle Trucks are usually a good choice because it can be used for heavy duty work and at the same time, it can be adjusted to fit into a formal affair. The problem with trucks is that at most times, people see it as a gas guzzler. It is popularly known to eat up a lot of gas and in this day of increasing fuel prices, that is never a good thing. A lot of car manufacturers have risen to the challenge and they are now producing hybrid trucks. The newly released hybrid trucks boast of the ability to save fuel consumption and also the ability to be eco friendly.

GM has released the Chevrolet Silverado hybrid truck. The Chevrolet hybrid comes in just one color for now although buyers have the option to purchase the 2-wheel drive or the 4-wheel drive vehicle. Another development put into the hybrid truck is the radio navigation system, something that was not available to the 2009 model. A chrome mesh grille is another thing that is added to the hybrid. These superficial features added to the hauling and towing capabilities of the truck add even more to the importance of the vehicle.