One of the best inventions of the century VW XL1, which is quite advanced in terms of technology, has been receiving lot of positive responses from the customers. The car seems to be bit expensive of approximately $145,000 US. However, thought this super efficient car has gained a good amount of responses, but the production team seems not to plan to increase its manufacturing.
About the VW XL1
This sport car design car is amazing fuel efficient is one of the best designed models which have been launched so far in the market. The production team claims that the car is designed with handcrafting-like production way whose design is unique in its own terms.
Its features
This is a super Hybrid car
It is light in weight
It comes with
1,700-lb, carbon-fiber-bodied
Two seated car
Two-cylinder diesel engine
It runs261 miles per gallon
27hp electric motor
The News:
The reports states that the production of the car would not be made more than 250 although the demand for the car has been increasing. The car run on diesels and is extremely capable enough to run with less than a liter of fuel to 100 kilometers easily.
So cross your fingers people, as it seems that you will not get to see such car features or get a chance to drive it due to its limited production. All we can do is hope for the team to change the decision and increase its production to certain extent so that such advanced technology would contribute in the economy in much beneficiary ways.
For now, the production team is stable on its decision of not increasing the production of more than 250 cars. Stay tuned for the new news.