Every invention that has been made till now in this world has its own pros as well as cons. It has been on the use of the being that which aspect would be more emphasising. However, everything that has the cons of polluting the environment should always be used with a wiser approach as the environment has been degraded to enough amounts already, leading to the destruction of this planet. When all the products are being re-introduced in the market with their eco-friendly substitutes, automobile companies... view

The name Hino has made a mark in the business world as a top class high performing vehicle used for carrying goods. The COE model trucks were designed so perfectly that it catered to the safety as well as comfort of the driver.  The new launch of Hino truck model 195h Diesel Electric Hybrid with cab over engine is a great revolution in the history of trucks. This model would be launched in the US. This very truck would be powered with a hybrid refined turbo diesel electric power train. This truck... view