Though pickup trucks are rarely concern, do you still ponder about your hot wheel trucks during your preschool years? If big toys are your favorite mainstream drag racing, check out these reputable pickup trucks that haul for economy fuel and car-like ride. Forge in the new generation of modest towing and expect aggressive versatility and efficiency vehicle – Hybrid pickup trucks! 

When pickup trucks are brought in as a vehicle for automobile driving, critics proclaim that it assumes a typical oversized truck used for delivery perishable goods. Because car companies seek out the need for its hauling and towing purpose, they include special hybrid system to work as an entire multi-purpose vehicle conventionally. In addition, hybrid trucks release less emission of carbon dioxide up to 90 percent and hence, polluting less toxic gases in the environment.

Chevy and GMC are considered two of the best pickups that explore hardcore driving into a lifestyle expedition. Recently, car companies feature Ford-150, Toyota Tundra, Cadillac Excalade and Nissan Titan in the list of upstanding pickups but for Chevrolet’s Silverado model and GMC’s Sierra Hybrid are truly exceptional. Let’s bring the reality in the dynamic duo against the two best pickup trucks in the automotive market.

Both pickups are equipped with GM 2-Mode Hybrid system cruising to a 6-liter V8 engine with Active Fuel Management. The drivetrain transmit the same horsepower, handling and exterior dimension. They weigh in to a towing capacity of 6,100 pounds and are capable of running up to 30 mph. Headroom and legroom are the same for both hybrids. Dealing with destination charges and cost of refueling are relatively similar.

Alternatively, Chevy hybrid has limited options of a four-door crew cab. The one body style gives a perspective view in either the two or four-wheel drive. Unfortunately for GMC Sierra, it consumes the space in your garage compare to the Chevrolet Silverado.

Chevy upgrades the 2012 design of the previous model in addition to excel the repertoire of pickups in the company. Refined tune-ups include a new navigation radio deliver, integrated hard drive, GPS system for navigation and the front chrome mesh grille.

However, GMC are preferred in terms of modern sleek look and its efficiency for driving. GMC Sierra opts for an affordable maintenance rate than Chevrolet’s Silverado. Towing and hauling capabilities are convenient for GMC according to car specialists who mount their vehicles for testing.

Buying the best pickup trucks can be pricy for some but if you consider their hybrid aspects for less carbon dioxide emission and its capabilities to tow and haul, it is worth the price.