With some tweaks on the grille and new hood and front fascia, GM fanatics won’t complain of getting too far from its general image as a one tough road pick-up. Expect to see the arrival of these light-duty 1500 trucks next year when GM starts delivering on dealer’s garage. New Chassis and suspension plus some steering changes were given to GM’s Silverado and Sierrra 2010 models and a re-engineered diesel engine make this two GM’s pride to make grand entrance for the year 2010.... view

It’s been roaming around that GM is all set in redesigning all of its existing and incoming pick-up trucks and in the list is its Chevrolet Silverado and Sierra pick-ups.  GM’s decision of redesigning has been getting around for the reason of offering better fuel economy for trucks and pick-up line ups. Not only GM trucks and pick-ups will have new chassis but also will be sporting new interior and exterior styling, a way too far from its previous styling concept. To make it a better choice... view

There is only one thing that stops people from buying hybrid cars. The price offers for these vehicles are a way much higher than their traditional counterparts.  Say for example, you can buy a traditional truck at a price of $40,000 but buying hybrid trucks can cost you as much as $120,000. But what people do not realize the fact that when one makes use of hybrid trucks, they are in a way working with the proper caring of the world. The price is never an issue because you can get the worth of it... view

The world is currently experiencing different problems and issues concerning the environment. Because of these certain issues, people tend to be eco-friendly and they tend to be very choosy when it comes to picking the kind of vehicles to use. The use of hybrid trucks and cars for one is a way by which many people make use of their wits when it comes to keeping themselves in consonance to the current situation of the world today. With hybrid trucks, it’s simply a way of saying eco-friendly and... view

It was revealed in the recent Mid America Truck show that Volvo’s hybrid technology department used the hybrid driveline to the engine requirements for a truck model that was designed for acceleration and speed. The Engineers decided to use a D16 engine and a customized auto I shift gear box that interacted with the hybrid electric motor to charge up the Mean Green design. Owner of Mean Green Boije Ovebrink is extremely proud of his hybrid vehicle and says that he compares the speed accolades of... view

Volvo’s Mean Green, being helmed as the current holder of the record as the world’s fastest hybrid truck is going for a new world speed record by overtaking current speeds and reaching beyond 165 MPH at the Wendover Airfield in Utah. Mean Green currently holds the fastest speed record by any hybrid truck at a standing 1/3 mile, 2.3 mile and flying mile international speed records. On the one third mile, the trucks will begin from a standstill and go through a thousand meter course in a single... view