The Chevrolet Silverado hybrid is a tuck that provides the riding experience of an SUV.  There are some instances that the ride may be a little bumpy but the fact still remains that there are times that compared to the old tucks, it is a fairly smooth ride. This is another feature that makes the hybrid trucks stand out amongst the other older trucks.  Fuel consumption is estimated to be 18 – 20 percent when using the hybrids; this basically means that given the truck’s abilities for towing... view

Everyone wants to own a functional vehicle.  Trucks are usually a good choice because it can be used for heavy duty work and at the same time, it can be adjusted to fit into a formal affair. The problem with trucks is that at most times, people see it as a gas guzzler. It is popularly known to eat up a lot of gas and in this day of increasing fuel prices, that is never a good thing. A lot of car manufacturers have risen to the challenge and they are now producing hybrid trucks. The newly released... view

At the first glance, the Mean Green’s customized aerodynamic chassis and body design conveys a little similarity to a truck built to haul freight, the majority of this Volvo hybrid truck’s components are still from the Volvo vehicle line.  This includes a Volvo VN frame and cab. Mean Green is a host of a highly optimized Volvo D16 engine and a customized version of automated I-shift Volvo gearbox. These enables for the hybrid’s electronic motor to interact. The blend of the Volvo D16 diesel-powered... view

In the world of hybrid trucks, recent developments also shocked the industry. With the continuous efforts of truck manufacturers as well as mechanic professionals to beat the current speed world records, the official record is changing from time to time.  Last April 27, 2012, another speed world record has been documented. The Volvo’s very own hybrid truck named Mean Green has recently achieved two speed world records. In the flying kilometer, it marked a 147 mph. While in standing kilometer,... view

Generally, hybrid trucks can cost up to $70,000 and this is really something big to spend just to replace a current truck. However, many of the companies who are already using hybrid trucks made it possible to buy new more ones for their companies and business operations because they have proven to themselves that hybrid trucks are far more fuel-efficient than the typical trucks which they have used before. There are actually more advantages when it comes to using hybrid trucks. According to those... view

With the aim to reduce carbon imprints and become eco-friendly, people have become choosy when it comes to buying and owning cars. As a matter of fact, more and more people these days are taking time to look, buy, and own hybrid trucks and cars to stay focused and in conformity with the present campaign: to go green. As of these days, more and more manufacturers of vehicles have also joined the bandwagon of those manufacturers, which are building “green vehicles”. As a result, the different industrial... view