Fuel prices are on the rise and the situation in the Middle East is not helping the situation in any way. On top of auto news everywhere, car manufacturers have come up with hybrid cars, vehicles designed to burn less or zero fossil fuels.  One fine example of these hybrid cars is the Toyota Prius, which comes in many fuel consumption combinations. Mercedes Benz, Volvo, and other high end car makers are also coming up with their own hybrid versions. However, hybrid cars are amazingly expensive as... view

Odyne, in attracting fleet owners to shift brands and models has posted a 3-minute video featuring Odyne’s latest generation of hybrid system of medium and heavy-duty trucks. With this video, Odyne is set to inform fleet owners and truck drivers how its latest can be a good replacement for their old fleet and how it can be the best alternative buy for new fleet of heavy-duty workhorse.  Odyne has been a pioneer in hybrid system for trucks of medium and heavy-duty category and has been working... view