Deny it or not, buying a pick-up nowadays often takes a lot of consideration. While aesthetic-wise, a truck’s big and powerful physique can often sway the big man in you.  They often get attracted from the vehicle’s massive power and capability, measuring it like an oversize ego. But after a few runs, they’ll eventually crawl back to the car store and sell the truck after spending more money quenching on its massive thirst for fuel. We don’t want that, right? In this day of high-priced fossil... view

While the company is on the lookout on how to bring down and slash out the cost of battery, it is now certainly using lighter material for large vehicles just to cope up with the production costs. As of now, Ford’s top selling model of F-150 pick-up truck is getting light materials and improved fuel economy efficiency. Ford’s spokesperson had explained that the electrical components for larger vehicles are costlier and that Ford is doing everything to cut costs without compromising the quality... view

With the high cost of building electric-powered cars, Ford is now bending its focus on producing the same version for their sedan and compact cars. The company’s reason for this stoppage of production is to cut the costs of building or manufacturing the hybrid versions. Allan Mullaly, Ford’s CEO while talking with the reporters in downtown Los Angeles said that Ford is trying to bring the production in the same assembly line to curb the high costs of the hybrid versions of Ford sedan and... view

In many parts of the world like in North America, people tend to buy millions and millions of trucks and pickups each year. As a matter of fact, Ford got its fine share of selling it truck products and they really sell like hot cakes in the market. Generally, trucks are being bought by many people because the benefits that one can get from it come in high multitudes. Trucks are reliable in terms of total functionality. As time passed by, the hybrid car technology has been applied to the trucks too... view

The prices of car fuels and gasoline are going higher and higher each day and this is a very bad thing for car owners.  However, the rising and falling of oil prices is not surprising anymore as gasoline is considered as the most volatile product in the world market today. Basically, the never ending volatility of oil prices in the market is caused by the never ending conflicts in the Middle East. In this regard, people are so watchful of the upcoming rise of gasoline prices each day. Another concern... view