Via motor is now taking on a new technology that would make converting traditional trucks into hybrid electric trucks in greater dimension and will start converting vehicles made from other automakers early this year.
Via Motors will initially start from GM vehicles with the likes of Silverado and Tahoe and will be targeting corporate consumers and individuals using utility trucks. However, sales would be start early 2013 as the hybrid trucks will be expected to go in full blast sales. Via Motors explained that trucks are the most popular option for its good market viability with corporate fleet as an attractive market. 
The hybrid truck would use lithium-ion battery pack such as A123 system and get on the ground with Valence technology, which is a first in converting conventional into hybrid platform and similar in some ways in concept to Chevy Volt.
However, it is not surprisingly to have a higher price for the hybrid trucks as compare to gasoline only trucks but Via Motors assures that the price will go down when full production starts. The company is one hundred percent positive that their hybrid trucks would be fuel -saving vehicles with increased emission efficiency. Target consumers like Coca-cola and other similar companies would not resist such benefits and Via Motors claims that their hybrid trucks stand a good change in attracting corporate consumers and even prospective individual buyers and the appeal is very irresistible as claimed by Via Motors.
The lithium-ion pack battery truck will run around the range of 40 miles. Via Motors added that their engineering firm will install a gasoline engine primarily to charge the lithium-ion pack to have the electric motor run. The hybrid truck would also run along the line of fuel consumption of 100 gallons. It is stamped as a fuel economy vehicle.
Hybrid trucks are now gaining some significant interest from the public especially from the trucking community as seen in Via Motors’ hybrid truck receiving higher enthusiasm from the full-pack crowd at North American International Show held in Detroit City. Auto show attendees are one in opinion that this hybrid truck would change public perception for hybrid trucks as a replacement for their work horse.
Via Motors is all set and keen in hoping for their hybrid trucks to set a new trend in conversion of traditional trucks into hybrid electric vehicles and see their hybrid trucks gain superiority on the road.