When it comes to the sports cars Acura is a very popular name. It has impressed the car race lovers with new and innovative models every now and then. The people who love to race on the road will surely want to grab a car of this company.

Some important facts about the car

The racing car manufacturer will be showcasing the hybrid NSX in the race that is going to take place in Mid-Ohio.
In July this year the company released a picture of this hybrid racing car. They also announced that the car will take its place in the racing track at the competition that is going to take place at Mid-Ohio. This will be before the Honda Indy 200 race.
The authorities of the company claimed that the car will be racing on the course on August 4 of this year.
The whole event will be shown live on NBC Sports. The time will be 3:00 PM EDT.
The global development part of the company stated that the launch of the new model of NSX that is scheduled in 2015 will be headed by the engineers of Honda.
The company has also announced that the racing cars for the new generation. The cars will be produced in the new manufacturing center that has come up in Marysville.

The designers of Acura are well known for the innovative models that they are coming up with. The NXX super car is the latest addition to their line. The racing wonder will come in front of the public in the race that is going to take place at Mid-Ohio. The model of the car has been able to impress every car lover. The look is a perfect combination of a sedan class as well sports car.