With so many new concepts and technologies of different models of car that has been increased by Ford, it seems that the company is soon going to please the customers with another release of the best model that has been designed in the market so far. Yes, the news is right. Ford has now released the automated Fusion hybrid which is one of the best concept that offers great space, good speed, and amazing features and yes the safe driving that you may not find anywhere else. Do not worry about the money as well because it is available at a cost friendly value.
The best of Fusion Hybrid version
Ford has introduced easier the Fusion Hybrid version but it was not the plug-in Energi version. However, in the new version some of the amazing feature likes assembling 3 D, reflected light, good space, omnidirectional spherical camera, detailed driving environment picture and much safe for human to drive, this car can cover the distance at a great mileage without consuming much fuel. The car was designed with the help of University of Michigan and State Farm who contributed in testing the reliability and efficiency of the product.
It can proved out to be the rough competition for the Volkswagen and General Motors, Following are the amazing features to enjoy
It comes with new scanning systems
There is also the analysis systems
You will see the four smaller scanners poking out
There is an adaptive cruise control
V2V systems to allow packs of cars
With so many great features and use of advanced technologies, we hope that this car manages to keep up the expectation and get us the best driving moments with better safety options to enjoy. So what are you waiting for? Check out the glimpse of this amazing car concept which has been released by the Ford and don’t forget to take a test drive too.