The auto companies usually face competition and the model rivalries.The companies may come up with research based model launches that directly compete with their rival company’s equivalent models. Sometimes, the success of one company may make other companies in the industry curious about their winning secret. The similar situation is now witnessed in the automobile industry where the auto giant GM is closely studying the Model S offered by pretty young Tesla. The 105 years old company is has appointed a team of experts to know more about the Model S by 10 year old Tesla.
GM – no change in there retail model
GM is not at all holding itself while praising the competitor and has admitted that Tesla is marketing its electric vehicle so well that it has literally changed the market. There is no sign of GM adopting the retail model of Tesla that is spread over the social networking and the shopping malls against the traditional GM dealership model.  Though there is no intention of copying Tesla vehicle, GM experts are still taking the test drive of their popular model S to know more about their plus points and yes, the scope of improvement.
Tesla – Keeping the spark alive
On the other hand, Tesla is not at all worried about this study carried out by GM. The company is still on its toes with the foot work they are doing for their 2014 model X, which will be a crossover model. The company has planned its Gen 3 models for 2017 as well.
There are lots of speculations and internally GM has no plans to copy this new entrant in the auto world. Still, as the 105 year old knowledge will definitely sparkle with its efforts.