The hybrid species of truck had broken its boundary and made its legacy as the famous global economic pride recession opens the sales of heavy duty truck and medium duty trucks in varieties of region. Together with the sales event, statisticians found a rise in oil prices, which were recorded heights in a lot of countries. Because of certain developments, world economy was expected to improve that will carry out the rise of truck sales this year of the dragon. The dramatic rise of economy together with truck sales truck manufacturers responded actively in the expansion of the offer to alternative drive trains that would help in the reduction of fuel and emission consumption by trucks.

Hybrid Medium and Heavy Duty Trucks

Because of such highly classified decision, there would be an expected showcase of electric battery medium, plug in hybrid, hybrid and heavy duty types of trucks. Recently on a latest news report coming from the Pike Research, there is a growth of 92 percent of plug-ins and hybrids in the worldwide market this 2012, which would surpass the total sales of 19,000. Pushing forward, firms of market intelligence Cleantech expected an annual growth, which is compound that would be experienced by the market, a rate of 47.7 percent will be expected from 2011 and the year of 2017 that would reach up to 100,746 sales in trucks as the period ends.

According to Dave Hurst, a senior analyst, certain economic sectors would be playing an important role on the growing truck electric drive trains. Hurst also stated an example that a retail industry delivery, pick-up and rebound vehicle sales would all rebound together with it and later provide a positive impact amongst the battery electric, plug-in and hybrid truck markets. The point of the project is to project the desire of fleet owner’s in demonstrating their vehicles to be more eco-friendly compared to other competitor’s government and fleet emission regulations, which on the bottom line is cost impact fleet operators.

Together with the development of eco-friendly vehicles is the acceleration and spread of fueled vehicles that will pose a significant growth competition among electric and hybrid trucks especially when given a latter’s upfront costs. Aside from the trucks itself, natural gas is continuously growing in applications which is highly used by Class 8 types of trucks and transit buses in which cost of plug in and hybrid vehicles is relatively high and significant. By 2012, the trend will be expected to be continuous in particular to developing Asian and European markets.