Truck News: Mercedes Benz Unimog-5000 Climbs to Volcanoes and Mountain Tops.  Unimog is known in the Mercedes Benz Company as Universal Motor Great. This is translated from the German language to English as Universal Motor Device.  Therefore, when everyone hears of a Unimog, they would easily recognize it as something from Mercedes Benz and it’s a form of truck automobile, which is definitely one of the strongest prides of the Mercedes Benz Motor Company today.

Universal Motor Device is a special type of truck which works and climbs up even the toughest terrains here on earth. Because of Unimog’s off the road capability, it can run its wheel even on the toughest and roughest terrains one could ever imagine.

There is no surprise why many travelers and tourists from all over the world pick to ride on this type of automobile as it is absolutely one of the best vehicles that can take them to the popular Torre del Filosofo, one of the world’s most famous in terms of great lava fields.

Getting on this place can be very challenging as the roads to take are rough and tough; ash fields and rough tracks await vehicles and passengers who are willing to climb up the mountain at 9629 ft. thinking of these things can make a person back off but not to the Unimog. As a matter of fact, Unimog only considers these terrains as ‘chicken’ to its strong and powerful engine and wheels.

Unimog comes with a flexible and strong ladder frame; it also comes with an all-wheel drive that comes with differential locks found in both axle portals.

It also comes with a central inflation system for the tires, which assures all tires are taken care of during the journey.

Although the terrains are hard and difficult, passengers can just sit back inside, relax, and enjoy the sceneries outside the truck. The comfort given to the tourists and passengers is provided by the bus body that is placed on top of the Unimog’s frame.

Another version of the Unimog truck is known as the Unimog U550L. This truck like the Unimog 5000 also works efficiently and dutifully on the top of the mountain. It has the capability to clear ashes and snow on its way making the trail more comfortable and convenient.

However, Unimog trucks aren’t only used for climbing Mount Etna but these ultimate and superb trucks are also used for disaster controls, expedition support, and fire services.