Amazing Height The C Max offers great height which provides easy entry and exit from the car and also allows for ample of headroom. The front seats have also been made a lot more comfortable. However, the sitting on the rear seats still feels like sitting on a wooden bench. The greater height also results in more capacity for storing cargo. The interiors are also very airy and have lots of light and outside visibility. The standard list of features includes power windows, power mirrors, power locks,... view

When Allan Mulally assumed the office as Ford’s CEO, he was faced with a challenge of underperforming brands such as Jaguar, Volvo, Land Rover and Mercury but instead of fixing them, he let them go and bent his eyes to his One Ford strategy and come out as a winner. He’s doing the same strategy with electric vehicles and outs to prove he can do it again. He is playing with Ford’s strength and sway away from the pack. Ford  Focus  and Fortune 500 and were up away from creating... view

A short airport encounter between the two top heads of Ford Motors Co. and Toyota Motors Corp. resulted on joint ventures to develop a gas-electric hybrid engines for trucks and SUV’s. The deal is welcome news for all of those who have been pushing demands for hybrid trucks and sports utility vehicles. The two top executives have signed an agreement that will have the two automobiles giants to share the development costs in bringing the most affordable and technology laden hybrid trucks and... view