Green was said to be in the air, Chrysler Group in partnership with the DOE (Department of Energy) had delivered ten PHEV (Plug in Hybrid Electric Vehicle) truck in demonstration to the DTE Energy in Detroit.

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Abdullah Bazzi, the senior manager of Chrysler group, delivered a series of PHEV 1500 pickups as part of their hybrid mechanism project and in part of the national demonstration of a hundred forty vehicles. The demonstration is part of the plan of using the vehicles for the next 3 years and also to evaluate drive cycles, customer usage, thermal management, charging, impact and emission of electric grid and fuel economy. In addition, one hundred vehicles were delivered to about sixteen different cities for the past 6 months.

Bazzi, stated that cities were carefully analyzed, inspected and selected in order to help Chrysler Group LLC in collection of wide array of data. Bazzi also added that working in partnership with the local energy such as DTE would offer a wider combination of great rural and suburban driving plus the Michigan weather to compliment everything and would be ideal in the test cycle of the vehicles. Furthermore, the gradual charging will enable them to measure battery life and the impact to the whole mechanism and the charging efficiency. Ram Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicle
The said Chrysler Group had started delivering Ram 1500 trucks to cities like Yuma, Ariz in the month of May year 2011 in taking the full advantage of the hot weather to conduct the thermal testing along the desert in the southwest. Cities like California, N.C., Mass, Boston, New York, Albany, Sacramento and San Francisco also received the demonstration of Ram 1500 hybrid trucks and in fact, the police department in New York also benefited from the delivery of 5 Ram 1500 PHEV trucks.

Trevor Lauer, vice president of the DTE Energy Renewables and Marketing  stated that the hybrid trucks provided a glimpse of the fuel saving mech that can be afforded; at this point, it is not only eco-friendly but also economical friendly as well. States and cities were especially selected to evaluate and conduct temperature test, geographies and diverse climates and urban traffic. The Ram PHEV 1500 trucks is said to have packs of lithium ion batteries and on-board charger for better performance and temperature management.  Added features include power AC generation, reverse power and full regenerative brakes and directional charging in capturing and storing more energy.