Amazing Height

The C Max offers great height which provides easy entry and exit from the car and also allows for ample of headroom. The front seats have also been made a lot more comfortable. However, the sitting on the rear seats still feels like sitting on a wooden bench. The greater height also results in more capacity for storing cargo. The interiors are also very airy and have lots of light and outside visibility. The standard list of features includes power windows, power mirrors, power locks, alloy wheels, keyless entry, dual air conditioning, wheel mounted audio controls, leather seats, power glass sunroof and a 11 inch LCD screen with the My Ford infotainment system. The SEL versions also include a push start button, reverse sensing systems, heated seats, satellite radio, 10 way power drivers seats and perimeter alarms. 

Boasts Of All The Modern Gadgets Ford Has To Offer

The C Max is also full of all the modern technology developed by Ford such as the hi tech Smart Gauge and Eco Guide which are specially designed to allow the driver to get the maximum out of their hybrid systems. It also monitors driving behavior and suggests changes to improve on efficiency. The vehicle also includes a Brake Coach which is designed to optimize the power regeneration through the braking system. However, this system is still raw and it is almost impossible to make a smooth stop. 

How Much Does It Leave You With

Priced at about $26000, the C Max is quite a decent vehicle. However, it is still unlikely to give the Toyota Prius a run for its money. However, it promises a great start for the iconic company and the future versions should be truly something to watch out for.