Yes, it is true; most American pickup trucks are gas guzzlers, burning more fuel than is necessary. However, not anymore with the advent of the latest technology in vehicle production – hybrid trucks. The idea for hybrid trucks was hatched because of the clamor for more environment-friendly vehicles. Let us take a look at a few hybrid trucks that are available in the market right now.
The four-seater Toyota A-BAT is a hybrid truck that is equipped with a four-footer rear bed and solar panels mounted on the roof. The solar panels are the ones responsible in bringing electrical power to the accessories onboard the vehicle instead of sucking it up from the fuel. This truck is one of the most versatile power vehicles I have ever run into and it can carry any type of heavy load that you can load on its bed, be it lumber or steel. The interior is also amazingly roomy with sleek styling that can match a luxury car’s interior.
The Chevy Silverado 2.0 Hybrid and the GMC Sierra Hybrid have hit the stores last year. Both cars boast of fuel savings of up to 25%, which is more than enough for a three tonner.

Chevy Silverado 2.0 Hybrid

Yes, it does not match the savings that you get from a Prius but you cannot also load logs on the Prius. Dodge Ram, not to be outdone, is using the same power train as the ones installed in the GM trucks, which mean you get the same amount of savings on fuel consumption.
Those who have driven 1970 and 1980 model trucks will really appreciate the way these new hybrid trucks run. The new Silverado for example looks menacingly like a true truck yet it drives like an SUV, smooth and silent. Chevy engineers made sure that the mid body of the truck is cushioned with hydraulics support, which made bumpy roads, seem like a ride on the moon. The reaction of the drivers was so positive GM made sure that all their pickup trucks had the same structural design. The break system is also topnotch for the Silverado since they are electronically calibrated to bring the truck to a full stop when necessary. The truck is equipped with the standard four wheel disc brakes, and they are also supplemented with the hydraulic regenerative brakes, which utilizes the electric motors to store the brakes energy inside the batteries.