Volvo’s Mean Green, being helmed as the current holder of the record as the world’s fastest hybrid truck is going for a new world speed record by overtaking current speeds and reaching beyond 165 MPH at the Wendover Airfield in Utah.
Mean Green currently holds the fastest speed record by any hybrid truck at a standing 1/3 mile, 2.3 mile and flying mile international speed records. On the one third mile, the trucks will begin from a standstill and go through a thousand meter course in a single direction and then the opposite. The speeds recorded from the two separate runs are then averaged and noted as the official record. For the flying mile, the vehicle is on running motion before going through the defined course in two directions.
Volvo executives are proud of the Mean Green’s accomplishments and note that the capacity for speed exhibited by the hybrid vehicle is a result of constant innovation and prime investment of Volvo on emerging technologies. In a statement made by the president of Volvo Trucks North American Sales and Marketing, Ron Huibers reiterated that the results of the performance by Mean Green could be attributed to the efforts of Volvo engineers in integrating hybrid drive mechanisms that power even Volvo busses.