In many parts of the world like in North America, people tend to buy millions and millions of trucks and pickups each year. As a matter of fact, Ford got its fine share of selling it truck products and they really sell like hot cakes in the market. Generally, trucks are being bought by many people because the benefits that one can get from it come in high multitudes. Trucks are reliable in terms of total functionality. As time passed by, the hybrid car technology has been applied to the trucks too and this was the term hybrid truck was coined.

As of these days, two giant motor companies – the Honda and Toyota have joined together in the launching of their much anticipated hybrid trucks.  And this time around, the introduction of hybrid cars and trucks to the global market has created a deep concern on many buyers: whether or not to buy a hybrid car and shift to hybrid trucks instead. Whatever you have on your mind, make sure to take time and do your own planning whenever you wish to buy either of the two hybrid vehicles.