It seems that Ford finally got fed up of the rave reviews the Toyota Prius Hybrid has been receiving in the markets. As a result, it seems to have finally taken up the hybrid challenge quite seriously. In addition to its Fusion Hybrid which is already in the market, the company has come up with an all new concept car called the Ford C Max Hybrid. This version is also set to be followed by the plug in C max hybrid and the plug in Fusion Hybrid. The main goal of the CMAX is to compete with the Prius Hybrid in the markets. The C Max is being built in Michigan and has already offered to the European markets since about a year. The company has now set its sights on the North American markets with minor tweaks to the systems to meet the challenging crash standards of North America. The Ford CMax in America will run on a 2 liter Atkinson engine which aims at offering the maximum fuel mileage along with minimum exhaust emissions. The reduction in the engine capacity might have resulted in less power for the vehicle. However, Ford has taken care of that defect by using a 2 motor gear transmission where one sends power to the wheels while the other sends power to the transmissions. The C-Max hybrid is is set to be followed by the C Max Energy, a plug in option which will cost a lot more.