With the high cost of building electric-powered cars, Ford is now bending its focus on producing the same version for their sedan and compact cars. The company’s reason for this stoppage of production is to cut the costs of building or manufacturing the hybrid versions.

Allan Mullaly, Ford’s CEO while talking with the reporters in downtown Los Angeles said that Ford is trying to bring the production in the same assembly line to curb the high costs of the hybrid versions of Ford sedan and compact cars and the company is slowing down its production of larger vehicles. Mullay likewise disclosed that the high cost of the batteries in these hybrids and larger vehicles is causing Ford to take a slow production route.

Answering to the higher demands on fuel economy cars, Ford started focusing on fuel economy vehicles and delivered fuel economy cars for its loyal followers. Fuel economy efficiency is the core of Ford’s strategic move to take the top spot in car sales. It has successfully regained its top slot for its much-improved global sales in the first quarter of 2012