Turbo engines are better and far stronger compare to their Naturally Aspirated (NASP) counterparts. Using a turbo forces the air inside the engine helping any car to run faster, this engine can withstand extensive power gains since the rate of the flow is dependent on the impellers inside the engine. In general turbo engine helps smaller engines to produce the same amount of power that larger engines produce without having to consume a lot of fuel, to put it simply turbo enables a more efficient engine performance without sacrificing affordability.

Increasing the capacity of the turbo can be done in two ways; you can use a bigger turbocharger to go with the vehicle but you will need a lot of pipe work since the intakes, the exhaust, and the oil feeds are not in the same location. Another way to achieve added power without doing lots of costly modification in the engine is by using hybrid turbo.

A hybrid turbo is important if you want significant improvement on the performance of your modified engine. A hybrid looks the same as the standard unit but its inside has lots of modifications in the turbine housing and the compressor for aerodynamic purposes.  The alteration allows the turbo to roll up more efficiently and provide better power band.

The turbo uses bearings and these usually come in two kinds, the thrust and the ball bearings. The common turbo from the original equipment manufacturers (OEM) uses thrust bearing because they are usually cheaper, thrust bearings however are more brittle and they can easily fail when increased power is exerted resulting to oil leaks and other damages. Ball bearings on the other hand are more durable and can spool quicker to withstand pressure so they are preferred by most car tuners. Sometimes the original turbo housings are not designed to be replaced by ball bearings so performance parts and tuning companies create modified turbo units with a similar shape as the OEM counterpart to hold the upgrades. Some companies also started to incorporate ceramic bearings since it is more resistant to heat.

Since hybrid turbo is graded using power bands you should carefully consider your highest power before putting on a hybrid turbo. A remap is needed if you want to unleash the full power gain potential of your turbo since it’s not enough to just press on added air into the engine but in most cases a hybrid turbo can easily fit most vehicles using the standard map.