It was revealed in the recent Mid America Truck show that Volvo’s hybrid technology department used the hybrid driveline to the engine requirements for a truck model that was designed for acceleration and speed. The Engineers decided to use a D16 engine and a customized auto I shift gear box that interacted with the hybrid electric motor to charge up the Mean Green design.
Owner of Mean Green Boije Ovebrink is extremely proud of his hybrid vehicle and says that he compares the speed accolades of his hybrid truck to a champagne cork without the sound of the burst. He explains that the first few seconds is when the truck makes a small whistle and then the diesel engine that runs on liquid rosin creates this burst of force that kicks it into high gear.

On average, the hybrid truck has the capability to churn out 2100 horse power and 5000 pounds-feet in torque where an impressive 200 horsepower and 900 pounds-feet of torque is produced via the electric motor. The customized aerodynamics of the hybrid truck was designed to maximize its acceleration and based their chassis from a VN Cab.