At the first glance, the Mean Green’s customized aerodynamic chassis and body design conveys a little similarity to a truck built to haul freight, the majority of this Volvo hybrid truck’s components are still from the Volvo vehicle line.  This includes a Volvo VN frame and cab. Mean Green is a host of a highly optimized Volvo D16 engine and a customized version of automated I-shift Volvo gearbox. These enables for the hybrid’s electronic motor to interact. The blend of the Volvo D16 diesel-powered engine and an electric motor produces a whopping 2,100 horse power and a torque of roughly 6,780 Nm. If we are to compute, the electric motor contributes the 200 brake horsepower and the 1,200 torque.

With the use of proper tuning in hybrid trucks, added by the driver’s accurate execution, it will definitely produce a very satisfying speed and performance results. Just like Mean Green who sets two speed world records in a single day.