In the world of hybrid trucks, recent developments also shocked the industry. With the continuous efforts of truck manufacturers as well as mechanic professionals to beat the current speed world records, the official record is changing from time to time.  Last April 27, 2012, another speed world record has been documented. The Volvo’s very own hybrid truck named Mean Green has recently achieved two speed world records. In the flying kilometer, it marked a 147 mph. While in standing kilometer, it sets the record of 95.245 miles per hour. The owner and driver Bojie Ovebrink said that he is very pleased with his truck’s performance especially in a place like Wendover Airfield, Utah, USA, which is 4,200 ft above sea level.

The aforesaid speed world record attempts were formally approved by the extension of the Federation Internationale de l’Automobile (FIA), the United States Auto Club. The new speed world records are recognised by the FIA and will be officially released in a month or two. The Volvo’s hybrid truck– Mean Green, passed its own previous records of 136 miles per hour in the flying kilometer and 94.6 miles per hour in the standing kilometer. These previous records of the Mean Green are established June last year in Sweden’s Hultsfred Airport. This signifies that for over years now, the Volvo’s hybrid truck is pursuing its limit to reach a difficult goal. The owner trusted Volvo and in return, the sweet victory is now in his hands.