While the company is on the lookout on how to bring down and slash out the cost of battery, it is now certainly using lighter material for large vehicles just to cope up with the production costs. As of now, Ford’s top selling model of F-150 pick-up truck is getting light materials and improved fuel economy efficiency.

Ford’s spokesperson had explained that the electrical components for larger vehicles are costlier and that Ford is doing everything to cut costs without compromising the quality and performance of their pick-up truck series and slowing the production for a short while will help in boosting their focus on fuel economy for its pick-ups and trucks. Last year, Ford made a team-up with Toyota Motors Company in building hybrid trucks and SUVs. With this partnership, Ford is hoping to bring down the cost challenge for both companies.

Alan Mullay further added that car owners are still holding from buying hybrid versions due to the high price tag of these low-emission vehicles. The battery used in Ford Focus Electric has a cost around $15,000 and this is too high for ordinary and average people to own. However, Ford is expecting to see an increase in hybrid cars again even when the gas price continues to rise.